Probably with the “Keep on rolling” motto in his mind, a Texas driver left passers by dumbstruck, who looked amazed at a car – probably an older generation Mustang – speeding along uninterrupted by the fact that one of the wheels was missing.

If we didn’t have the footage to prove it we might have even dismissed this affair as a hoax, but a passenger of a car that was passing by caught the car – with the driver looking serious on continuing his journey – although the left-hand side of his car was touching the ground, sparks coming out the missing wheel arch and all.

The bizarre incident is believed to have happened around Houston, with the tinted windowed coupe even seen passing other cars. There is no information on how the car lost its wheel – which also became a serious safety hazard, because it’s needed for the car to steer – or when the driver finally decided to pull off and replace it – although it looks like the brake system is now also in need of some serious repair. The footage, uploaded to YouTube attracted quite a heated debate and numerous viewer ship, with many people trying to guess what the “urgency” was.

Via Daily Mail


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