[Video] Throwing around a Nissan 370Z in a junkyard is not unusual for Chris Forsberg image

Driving around with your eyes on the road through the lateral windows sure looks like fun from outside, but still requires masterful skills and a great machine that was prepared in advance – but throw all caution away and you really get lots of fun.

Drifting as a sport has been invented some time ago – and appeared way before it was organized – but let’s face it, everything was thrown out the window when Ken Block introduced us to the wonders and crazy stunts of Gymkhana. It’s been copied and even enhanced by oh so many other talented drivers – and professional drifter and opposite-lock master Chris Forsberg is certainly among the better examples of the category. His latest exhibition of masterful skills and “don’t try this at home – actually, don’t try this anywhere” is coming to remind us that even in the face of craziness, precision and control are still thoroughly involved.

Called “Proximity”, this video is virtually self-explanatory from the title. The setting used here is a junkyard in Los Angeles, with Forsberg ready to wow and amaze. According to Speedhunters, the “special effects,” namely the plates filled with colored dust that Forsberg spreads virtually every corner have been inspired by the Hindu festival known as Holi, a celebration of spring using, among other things, colored powder. On this occasion, the plates were filled with dust to match the livery of the Nissan…

Via Speedhunters