The perks of being a factory driver and top manager at the company have enabled race driver Timo Glock and Head of Development M Automobiles, Dirk Hacker, to go out and have some fun in the yet to be released 2018 BMW M5.

This is the first proper M car – we’re ruling out the X5 M and X6 M behemoth yachting SUVs – to arrive with an all-wheel drive setup and the all-new M5 also gets a reworked version of the 4.4-liter V8 biturbo engine, together with automatic transmission as the only option. The German automaker has apparently decided to deliver a compelling package – one that retains the rear-wheel drive experience thanks to clever technology but also brings the additional safety inherent to all-wheel drive. Glock says it’s so quick “you almost need racing seats in here,” but you still get “the additional drive from the front-axle drive.” The only thing no one really knows – yet – is if it’s going to be just as fun to drive as before.

By the way, the techy AWD the M5 uses is the new M xDrive, a new technology that actually allows the user to change the settings from all to rear wheel drive, and something in between, called “4WD Sport.” You’ll have to be a great driver though to go for the totally RWD option – because you need to switch the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) completely off. The new system will enable the M5 to compete head on with the recently introduced Mercedes-AMG E63, which has a similar technology that allows switching between modes. No performance credentials have been advanced for the M5 yet, but the rumor mill talks about more than 600 horsepower and a 62 mph sprint time of just 3.5 seconds.


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