[Video] ‘Tis the season to go drifting with Tanner Foust image

Honoring the cult 1980s TV show ‘Quantum Leap’, Tanner Foust has decided to show his own version of the “gymkhana” genre in his new short film titled Quantum Drift.

He’s a drifter, rallycrosser, record-breaker, stunt driver, presenter, and generally nice guy – and because he loves what he does he decided to share his passion with the rest of us – in the rallycross Beetle, the Formula Drift Passat and even a Polaris ATV. Those of you old enough to love 1980s cult TV shows and movies might remember the good times we had watching classic show Quantum Leap, that rather enticing slice of time-traveling madness. And as the name implies – this is Foust’s homage – and we can see Tanner and his signature bright yellow steering wheel as he leaps in between vehicles.


We meet the crazy 600 horsepower Global Rallycross VW Beetle – or his even crazier rear-wheel-drive, V8-engined Formula Drift VW Passat – and there’s even a Polaris ATV and a speedboat – just for good measure. So, there’s drifting, donuting, jumping, and generally incredibly fast driving – all happening in rather unlikely settings. We’re not going to spoil all the fun but we can tell you he didn’t drift the boat – though we’re sure he tried.