[Video] Tokyo Police gets fleet of Nissan 370Z Nismo patrol vehicles image

The Japanese culture is incredibly interesting, after all they’re the cradle of drifting. But the motorsport arm developed from illegal races and these could soon be a memory in and around Tokyo.

That’s because the Japanese street racers looking to rehash a better version of the flimsy Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift will be greeted from now on by the vigilance of the patrol officers playing around in their shiny new Nissan 370Z Nismo. The town’s Metropolitan Police Department now has three of them ready to drift their way towards catching the baddies – the intro is captured in a short video embedded below. Nissan proudly delivered the cars to the Tokyo Police during a staged road safety event and we think the sports cars have already entered service. This is really not surprising since super and sports cars have a habit of dressing up like Police cars in more than one country around the globe.

By the way, the Tokyo Police also has a tradition to dress up in its livery JDM-spec bad ass cars, from the unassuming Impreza to Mazda RX-7. This means the Police officers from the Tokyo Police department are pretty used to driving go fast cars. The Nissan 370 Z is showing its age already but we still think the Nismo iteration shows a particular charisma that will satisfy both the drivers looking to enjoy the wheel and those wanting even more from their sports car – such as great drifting action.