The Mission: Impossible franchise is en route towards reaching theaters with its sixth episode and Tom Cruise goes on doing his usual – there are different views regarding his acting skills, but we’ll always give him credit for doing his own stunt work.

We all know the Mission Impossible franchise is up there rivaling with the likes of Fast and Furious in terms of stunt work extravaganza – with one major difference, Tom Cruise is famous for not using stunt doubles, and that’s not going to change for the sixth installment of the franchise, even though the star is well pass his prime at 54 years of age. Still, that makes us excited about the movie – as we have here scenes of him using a classic E28-generation BMW 5 Series for some car chases around Paris. Knowing BMW’s implication in the franchise, we can bet the all-new 5 Series will also make an appearance – the most befitting would be the upcoming new M5, of course.

Anyways, we have not one but three videos depicting Cruise’s hard at work days – complete with intentional or not crash, while the action star also trades in the 5 Series for a motorcycle, taking up to perform a stunt where the bike slides into the side of a car. For now, there are few details to discuss about Mission: Impossible 6 – but we do know Christopher McQuarrie is both writer and director again, and actors Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, and Ving Rhames are also set to return.



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