[VIDEO] Top Gear 2011 Christmas Special in India image

Even if in most places it’s only the first month of autumn, the Top Gear crew is not taking any chances and takes a step up in preparing this year’s Christmas Special Edition in their unique way and Jeremy Clarkson just blew everyone’s surprise by announcing the country where they will record the new episode: India.

In an interview with witneytv.co.uk, the Top Gear boss Jeremy Clarkson said that the new Christmas Special Edition will be filmed in India and when we think about that country one thing pops in our minds: Tata Motors and their cheap Nano car that may be the “VIP” of the show.

“We’re always keep it a secret, every year, where we are making our Christmas Special, and then I like to blow it, so that will be India, so we will be there and then we will just film and film and film”, said Jeremy Clarkson in his witneytv interview.

We can’t wait for the new Christmas Special episode of Top Gear but until than you can watch Jeremy Clarkson’s witneytv interview below. Enjoy!