Top Gear’s Season 12 Episode 4 is now available for watch. In this episode: “Is it possible to drive from Basel in Switzerland to Blackpool on a single tank of fuel and still make it in time to throw a big switch in front of thousands of people? Find out on Sunday.”

James May drives the new Pagani Zonda F Roadster and Stig take the Veyron for a test drive!!!


You can also watch Top Gear’s Season 12 Episode 1, 2 and 3. ( check related posts ).

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– video removed


  1. no video for the moment indeed. There is a website, but they want to install a special video plugin intro your browser, and also request you credit card number …

  2. The Zonda F clubsport has a power to weight ratio of 528 bhp/ton (384 W/kg). An Enzo Ferrari, comparatively, has a power to weight ratio of 483 bhp/ton (356 W/kg).
    Veyron is too powerful for the Zonda and it has a 4×4 traction..

  3. This is a sad day for all of us that have just found out that the Bugatti Veyron has been beaten by a German car with a funny name. Still, none of the cars above the leader board would be better to live with every day. The interior of the Veyron is fantastic.

  4. Gumpert Apollo lightweight and minimal stuff played advantage for fast lap time, it is designed to be track oriented. Despite its defeat, Bugatti Veyron has proved to be capable to do extremely well on Top Gear track under 1:20" with all its luxuries and weight . It has nothing to be ashamed . Cars above are lightweight and track purpose, Koenigess CCX was done with Top Gear wing (remember what happened with stock CCX without rear wing) Basically, it is a moral victory of road car that was not intended for track use.

  5. bullshit nothing could beat the bugatti veryon on the episode where hammond raced the jet fighter the guy hammond forgot to pull down the wing otherwise the veryon would have demolished the plane so they have to re do that again now ia am ITALIAN alright and i LOVE my CARS especially the BUGATTI VERYON the best car in the WORLD but i think that if it could be beaten then it would be for 2 reasons 1st they have to drop the wing down and try the lap again it will definately be faster and secondly i will not mention other cars in the world which people do not know about there are 3 other supercars in the worls which probably most people don,t know about but the veryon could possibly be beaten by the ssc ultimate aero tt and i say that with respect as in pgr4 the top speed on that car is still unknown full speed will never be unleashed

  6. the top speed on that car is still unknown because there is not a track which has a straight long enough for its top speed to be confirmed i know its just a game but it did 269 miles an hour and was still going and the red light did not come on or the noise when the cars hit top speed i want the veryon to be the fastest car in the world forever and i will but 2 of them one day soon but unless anyone has the brains or the guts to race a veryon on the straight including the ssc aero ultimate tt then the veryon is still the fastest and i would love to see the tt and the veryon race on a straight but the veryon has to be driven with the wing down i do not care if michael scumaccher drives the veryon until the wing is down the full speed will never be unleashed

  7. unleashed as you saw hammond ruin that race against the plane hammond you should have your ass kicked by clarkson for that but top uk is the best always and until they know how to drive the veryon properly no one should say it has ever been beaten and y is everyone talking about the koeniggseg ccx when you people need to keep up with the times hello they made a faster one called the ccxr and the gumpert apollo is a beautiful car but even that would not compare to the BUGATTI VERYON. and what about the zonda r the new one ha and they have already made the cinque which is ITALIAN OBVIOUSLY which means 5 then they are making another one but you all have to wait for that and as for the mystery SUPRCARS you will have to wait until i get on tv or make a website and tell you what i am talking about CIAO. whenit comes to supercars I am the KING OF THEM.

  8. THIS guy michael ITALIAN is so right about everything i think man you should have your own talk show or be on topgear uk tv and work with jeremy clarkson and others the Bugatti Veryon is the sweetest car in the world and it sounds like they have been driving the car wrong
    hope you write some more comments and it sounds like you are the King of SUPERCARS.


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