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Top Gear’s Season 12 Episode 6 is now available ( YouTube ). On this episode, Clarkson drives the new Ford Fiesta and the boys are in search for the best soviet car. Guest: Boris Johnson. Until then you can check out other Top Gear Episodes.

Top Gear is now available on YouTube ! Just use the search function.
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  • dav

    where do u get the episodes from?
    Just asking

  • inautonews

    internet … :)

  • moriarty

    so, when do you think the links are up? can't wait ;)
    appreciate your work

  • moriarty

    it might be a little excessive and get you into some legal trouble, which
    personally i wouldn't risk considering you have more content than top gear vids.
    But from a user and fellow internetpirates standpoint, you can never have enough convenience, i'd use it.

  • inautonews

    yes moriarty, but I publish only youtube videos. Those persons who upload the video on youtube are in trouble. Am i wrong ?

  • tiger15560

    it's 9 london time still not up? any update? can't wait my sunday in the carribean resolves around this show!! hahaha

  • tiger15560

    sorry *revolves

  • moriarty

    sure but that didn't stop the mpaa suing the piratebay for example. all they did was link to
    the material but they did it on such a scale that the mpaa decided to try their luck in court.
    there are other examples where linksites, whose names i already forgot ;), where taken down
    by the threat of legal action. i guess the final word is not spoken on cases like these and
    jurisdiction handles it differently around the world.

  • inautonews

    people ! we don't publish the videos on the youtube or somewhere else – because of copyright rules . We just link to the videos, when ! the videos are available. And for the moment there is no source available.

  • inautonews

    moriarty i think we are too little for such action. Anyway i am thinking to remove these posts ! …

  • qwww

    how long ??!!

  • inautonews

    tons of traffic:) to be honest tons of traffic means ~ 3000 peoples in the day of launch ! We can continue this discuss on Y! mess if you are interested … my id is mserafim_dudu

  • inautonews

    People ! subscribe to rss feed if you don't want to lose none of our posts. !
    Thank You !

  • e39///M5

    need my weekly top gear!!!

  • moriarty

    so piracy doesn't pay after all??? there go my plans to get rich quick, aww.
    i found your site while looking for ep5 and was impressed that you allready found it.
    our discussion got me intressted in the whole matter again, i did a quick search on wired
    and came up with this link
    don't panic. my legal experience is limited to resorting a lawyers archive during semesterholiday. i don't have any im currently installed.

  • moriarty

    sorry included a dot in the link just remove it and it'll work fine

  • inautonews

    i don't get your point … "my legal experience is limited to resorting a lawyers archive during semesterholiday. i don't have any im currently installed. "

  • moriarty

    i'm not a native speaker so here is what i meant:
    all i know about this legal stuff comes from the newspapers.
    and i dont have yahoo messanger

  • adam

    but where is the video ????

  • inautonews

    oh, now i understand Moriarty. Well, first of all this is the last time when I'll publish top gear videos. Secondly we are in transitives with BBC, for selling Top Gear dvd's touch website.

  • ilz

    sorry, i dont seem to understand, where is the actual video?

  • wheresit?

    Is the video here or anywhere else online? You could dowbload it of of bbc iplayer already…which is not anywhere other then the uk….me being in the usa……..WANT VIDEO!

  • inautonews


  • inautonews

    today, after 9 PM london time. Of course, after the show is diffused.

  • inautonews

    Do you think is a good ideea to publish all Top Gear Episodes ?

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  • inautonews
  • help!

    i have been looking on youtube, i can't find it anywhere. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Just Wait.

    There isn't any yet at the moment, for the moment just wait till they link them.

  • inautonews

    Ok. we will create an tutorial Today, for finding top gear videos fast, in the day of launch.

  • Eyad


  • Kiltlifter

    Thanks for posting these TG vids.

    Just thought I would let you know that I usually find full episodes posted on, or when I can't find them anywhere else. They usually don't get posted there until a couple of days after the day of launch, but almost all of the episodes can be can be found there if you missed any along the way. Hopes this helps some people.

  • engineblox

    Im really enjoying these videos, and this one is specifically a good glad i saw it first on this site.