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Top Gear’s Season 13 Episode 2 is now available. In this episode: Richard test the Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SV at Abu Dhabi. Challenges: Finding the perfect car for 17-year-olds, negotiating insurance companies, accident repairs and a very muddy music festival car park in the process.

Guest: Stephen Fry.

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  • Mike

    Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear :)

  • Rob

    The links posted here are an incomplete collection of this episode.
    The reason? The youtube user is trying to peddle his crappy website and intice people to give in and watch it on his webpage.
    The problem? The only way to watch it from his site is to download Zango first, and believe me you don't want to downlaod zango.
    To put it simply, it will fuck your shit up… ; )
    Fair warning…

  • Avassus

    just watch from here …. maybe they will update to complete version …

  • sdf

    video one the stig in a copiing machine

  • inautonews

    inautonews has nothing to do with ! Just watch the movies from our website ..

    • inautonews

      sorry but for the moment that is the only source. If you have another source, share'it

  • Rob

    I'm aware that inautonews has nothing to do with that site.
    Just warning people who might give in and watch the episode on that other site, not to.

  • Rob

    My only suggestion to those who are as impatient as myself is to look for a torrent of the episode. I know finalgear has a torrent link, but I don't want to plug their site, so I don't want to provide links. If you don't like torrents and can wait for a complete download, I suggest you do.

  • Manuel

    its the full one

  • inautonews

    h3x please only Youtube source, or sources who don't force you to install some plugins.. or software on your computer !

    • Mike

      I want full episode. Where is it?

  • nick go to this webside it has the full ep for free in two parts one and two……

    • simon

      thanks, great link

  • yoyo

    Thanks a lot Inautonews!!!!

  • Publius

    if your using a pc, when you go to just disable JAVA and JAVAScript, then it doesnt require you to install Zang, because you've out smarted the dirty spammers

    also for some reason dont know if my content filter blocks it, but the zango thing doesnt show up on my mac.
    Hope my help was useful

  • TopGearFan1000

    Go to: the full episode is there, but there used to be a guy who posted the newest Top Gear episode within a few days of it going to air on and using clip nabber to download it, the .flv file was only about 100mb but sadly he hasn't done so with season 13, however he has uploaded every episode from season 10, 11 & 12 and you can see them here:

    • Avassus

      stop posting unsafe links.
      PS All Top Gear Series 1 – 13 are published on inautonews …
      Thanks inautonews

      • TopGearFan1000

        What do you mean unsafe links, they are websites just like youtube, veoh, etc but all in asian, the videos are still in english. All you have to do it find the words Top Gear and the numbers that relate to the episode you want to watch, e.g. if it says TOP GEAR第13季 01 you should see the first episode of season 13. If you don't want to use these links to watch the greatest show in existence then don't, but don't accuse me of posting links that are unsafe. If you can justify how these links are unsafe then I'm truly very sorry. To all others, enjoy the work of the geniuses, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May.

  • Andrei Monciu
  • Jono

    Guys I can't believe you haven't found or heard of this website:
    It doesn't use YouTube as a source, but instead posts the full-length episodes from all seasons of Top Gear, Top Gear Australia, and Fifth Gear. It works great for me in Australia :D

    P.S. Its a completely genuine site, have never had any problems

    • DsN

      it seems that hessmo had to be taken down. :(
      it was the best site ever 4 TG and other shows TG presenters did.

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  • tom

    i want to know when they are going to say something about the ultimate aero wich is actually faster than the veyron at 256mph and that was set on a bumpy road. veyron hit 252 on a perfectly flat five mile straight.

  • apathy

    THat's from season 12…

  • inautonews

    Manuel – is the old series !

  • apathy

    NVM, meant to post that to Manuel's post.

    Thanks for the post.