Top Gear’s Season 14 Episode 5 is now available. On this episode: Noble M600 Supercar is on prime plan. For those who don’t know, Noble Automotive is a young British automaker. It was established in 99 and its goal is to produce only supercars with mid-engines.

Today, Noble produces only one car – the Noble M600, a supercar based on twin turbo V8 650 bhp engine from VOLVO . The car uses allot of carbon fiber in order to get a very light structure; 1275 kg! With such structure and with its V8 engine, Noble M600 accelerates from 0 to 60 in ~ 3 seconds.
“Designed to provide a pure and uncorrupted driving experience,” the M600 lacks typical safety features such as ESP and ABS brakes.
Cost: ~ £200,000

Challenges: Quest to prove that cars are more popular than traditional art

Special Guest: Louis Walsh • Jenson Button

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  1. Its like this for me to. I think we have to wait longer, Monday midday, its probably posted in youtube by then also.

    Usually its uploaded by this time and usually there is no loading problems with the videos posted. But this time there is. So we just have to wait.


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