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Top Gear’s Season 17 Episode 5 is now available. In this episode: Clarkson tries out the new Lotus T125.

For those who don’t know the company’s building twenty five of ‘em, selling each for a cool $1 million and forming a private racing league for the owners. Purchasers of the Lotus 125 will be able to chose from a stylization of a classic Lotus livery, the Exos (explained below) concept design, or as an option, request their own, bespoke livery.

Now, the T125 is powered by a 3.5-litre Cosworth V8 pushing out 630bhp – around 200bhp off an F1 car proper – and revs to 10,800rpm. The F1 technology continues inside the cockpit there the car uses paddle shifters to control the semi-automatic gearbox as well as a multi-function screen on the steering wheel that allows drivers to set the various parameters on the fly.
In addition, the team employs all manner of second-hand military equipment to knock down a row of derelict houses, aiming to complete the job in less time than a team of demolition experts. Also, the updated version of the classic Jensen Interceptor will appear on the show.

Special guest: Bob Geldof

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