Top Gear Season 20 Episode 2 image

Top Gear’s Season 20 Episode 2 is now available. On this episode: We have the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and the single seater BAC Mono.

Jeremy Clarkson goes in the north part of Scotland to test the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta; to see if the new Ferrari is a real improvement over the car it replaces –the Ferrari 599 series grand tourer .On the same time, Richard Hammond invokes motorsport to find the world’s best taxi.

James May pays tribute to the closed BBC Television Centre in White City, London. Yes, for those who don’t know, in September 2010 BBC announced that would close its facility in Central London, and on June 2011 the company started to “invite” possible clients to bid for the building. On 16 July 2012, it was announced that the complex had been sold to property developers Stanhope plc for around £200 million.

Officially, BBC News ceased to transmit from this location on 18 March 2013. On 31 March 2013 they closed the entire building.

Anyway, moving back to the show, Briggs Automotive Company or BAC, the British sports car manufacturing company brings the BAC Mono to the track, where Stig will see if the little 2.3-litre, 285 bhp four-cylinder engine provided by Cosworth can push the single seater to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds as the automaker announced. Keep in mind that we are in Veyron’s territory here (but just for acceleration times, because the little car is limited to 170 mph or 274 km/h).
As a quick reminder, the Ferrari F12berlinetta was officially introduced to the public at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, and is the most expensive, quickest, and most powerful model from the Italian carmaker. The 6.3-liter V-12 makes 730 hp at 8250 rpm. That’s 70 more hp compared to the 599GTO and 39 more horses compared to the fastest Lambo – the Aventador (however keep in mind that the Lambo is 4wd so it provides a better launch than the rear-drive F12). In the U.K. it costs £239,736 (aprox $357,206 or Eur 278,393).
Anyway, the Aventador is Top Gear’s third most powerful car with a time of 1.16.5. We’re really curious to see Ferrari’s time.