Top Gear Season 20 Episode 5 image

Top Gear’s Season 20 Episode 5 has just aired on BBC2, in which the three famous presenters are shown testing new supercars and entertaining us once again.

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are back for one more week with their brand new Season 20 Episode 5 of Top Gear UK. In the brand new episode, Jeremy and James are shown while testing different crossovers and SUVs, in order to find out which ones are worthy of towing caravans. In the new reasonably priced car, the Vauxhall Astra, we can find the famous lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, who was interviewed by Clarkson.

The second part of the show is revealing James May’s track test of a modern recreation of the classic Porsche 911, so if you’re into the iconic sports car, you should definitely check out this part. Last, but not least, we can find two of the hottest supercars ever, produced by Lamborghini, the new Aventador Roadster and the very rare Sesto Elemento. The two supercars are being tested by Richard Hammond, where else but in Italy. So don’t forget to check out the new Top Gear Season 20 Episode 5.