Top Gear Season 21 Episode 2 image

Top Gear is back this week with the second episode of its brand new Season 21, which will air on BBC2, tonight. Full video posted below.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back for more of their jokes, test drives and interviews this week with the new Top Gear Season 21 Episode 2. After we have seen them driving the hot hatches from their youth last week, undertaking a series of challenges in order to prove that these are better than the modern day rides, time has come for the three of them to put some brand new rides to the test. (Warning, spoilers below).

No classic challenges for the second episode but we do get to see Jezza put the brand new McLaren P1 hybrid supercar to the test and Richard Hammond drive one of the best reasonable priced sports cars money can buy these days, the Alfa Romeo 4C. James May, on the other hand, is visiting Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. The special guest of this episode is Tom Hiddleston, a famous English actor. Below you can see the trailer for Top Gear’s Season 21.