[VIDEO] Top Gear Season 22 official teaser released image

BBC has released the first official teaser of the new Top Gear Season 22 which will consist of just six episodes.

The new Top Gear Season 22 is perhaps one of the most controversial series of the popular car show to be aired on TV, mostly because of the Argentina incident, in which Jeremy Clarkson drove a Porsche 928 with the K982 FKL license plate, which is referring to the 1982 Falkland Islands war. The vehicle was apparently chosen because of two reasons, Jezza liking it and its “special” license plate. The crew had to flee Argentina and abandon the three cars, which also included a Ford Mustang and a Lotus Esprit.

The Top Gear Patagonia Special is this years’ Christmas Special. The crew has explained the Argentina incident in this episode, which aired on the 27th of December, in first part, and one day later, in the second part. The newest teaser released by BBC is previewing the entire Season 22, which will have only six episodes. The Top Gear Season 22 is “Coming Soon”, as BBC announced. You can scroll down and click the play button to see the Stig drive a rented Lamborghini Aventador and a Jaguar F-Type R Coupe, on the Top Gear test track, in the rain. The Patagonia Special teaser is also available below.