[VIDEO] Top Gear: Stig doing donuts in London taxi with Chris Evans in the car image

The new season of the popular UK Top Gear is on its way and the official site and Facebook page of the show are giving us just a glimpse of what’s to come, but to be honest the teasing is actually worse than not knowing anything because we now want even more.

After Jeremy Clarkson blew the surprise with the Christmas Special episode, the silent fourth co-presented, the Stig, is coming forward and he’s showing us that a London taxi doesn’t have to be boring at all, especially if it has a 400 BHP engine and Chris Evans as a passenger.

When the famous radio host jumped into a taxi he didn’t expect the ride of his life, but who would considering that the white-helmeted one was driving it.

“The Stig and his Very Stupid Taxi have been practicing hoonery at Lonon’s ExCel center in preparation for Top Gear Live 2011, which opens its doors in November. And giving passenger rides […] Want to see more of it? You best get yourself tickets to November’s event. The all-new live show format has an indoor track where you’ll see much supercar hoonage, stars being shoved into reasonably priced cars, Jeremy, James and Richard blowing things up and, of course, more Stigcab idiocy. Probably best to take spare pants”, as the Top Gear UK official website explains.

You can watch the video by clicking this link. Enjoy!

  • donaldtrump369

    Captain America is raoming in London and using taxi…good stuff..