[Video] Top Gear teaser pits the Ariel Nomad against Matt LeBlanc image

Late next month the first episode of the rejuvenated Top Gear show is going to air and the BBC has started the teasing game – with one of the show hosts being pitted at the wheel of the Ariel Nomad.

We’ve heard not long ago rumors that all is not well in paradise – leading hosts Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc are but at least from an official standpoint everything seems in order. The ensemble cast seems to be keeping itself busy as well – Chris Harris is gearing up for a full season in the Blancpain GT series where he will be driving a Team Parker Racing Bentley Continental GT3. Meanwhile in the new video teaser we see former Friends star LeBlanc working out a way to fit inside the Ariel Nomad. We found out since March the action will involve the McLaren 675 LT and Ferrari’s F12 Tdf and now we can also see LeBlanc visiting Morocco to drive the “utterly bonkers car.”

What a fun car to drive, ” Matt commented for TopGear.com. “So visceral and exciting and engaging. I really enjoyed it.” He will be next to Evans, Harris and Eddie Jordan, Sabine Schmitz, Rory Reid, and the mysterious The Stig when the show returns. By the way, if you want to see the old team at work you’ll need to wait a little longer – until fall – and also have an Amazon Prime subscription.