[VIDEO] Top Gear UK Stig driving the BMW M5 F10M image

In between filming the Holiday Special episode in India and preparing other interesting stuff for their new season, the Top Gear UK presenter James May and the Stig are getting their hands on BMW’s M5, the “supercar for the modern gentleman”, as the magazine reads.

The Top Gear magazine Chief Editor, Charlie Turner, has a single conclusion from a long text, “turbos are here to stay”. We feel the same but why turbos can’t be what they used to be and instead of shrinking the engines’ sizes to save the trees, maybe automakers should develop cars which are even more fun to drive.

Think of this, how would this BMW M5 sound if the German automaker was fitting it with a W12, bi or quad-turbo engine? Brilliant! So yes, indeed, turbos are here to stay, but so are large petrol burners.

You are probably sick from all this reading and you should get on to the video where the Stig is having fun with the BMW M5 F10M. Enjoy!