A 28 year old woman named Erin B. Holdsworth gave the police quite a headache before being caught driving drunk and wearing only a g-string and tennis shoes after a 128-mile per hour chase in the United States.

Police reports say that American woman Erin B. Holdsworth has been caught speeding and after a long chase with speeds of 128 miles per hour which ended up with the officers using stop sticks. The woman surprised everyone because she was driving topless, wearing just a g-string and tennis shoes.

“We’ve caught a vehicle going 110 mph. The pursuit started when the driver didn’t stop at Police’s signals”, said an Ohio Police spokesman.

Erin B. Holdsworth has been charged with failure to comply, driving with a suspended license, reckless ops, speeding and criminal damaging. The driver will be presented to a court which will determine the sentence.

You can watch the video below and if you’re hoping for mild pornography, you’re in the wrong place because the video has been blurred. Enjoy!

– video removed


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