[Video] Toyo Tires clip shows you why burning rubber is great image

That’s because the protagonists of the footage – tasked to burn said Toyo Tires rubber – are two monster sports cars, a 1000 hp GT-R and a similar GT86, unleashed in a Japan factory setting.

Toyo Tires and other suppliers of seemingly unimpressive products have a keen sense of transforming the ugly duckling into a princess – and this ad is a good example to support the idea. The Japanese company allowed to monster drift cars to wreak “havoc” inside the premises of its local factory – which actually ties into its sponsoring of the D1 GP’s Toyo Tires Drift. They asked drivers Masato Kawabata (the one with the world speed drift record) and Hideyuki Fujino to play inside. Kawabata came with his 1,000 rear-wheel-drive only Nissan GT-R (only fitting, since he nailed the record in a customized Nismo), while Fujino brought his Toyota GT86, which should have the same power credentials – which is all the more impressive.

“The mesmerizing driving performance of the two drivers is synchronized with various aspects and scenes in life to show the integration of Toyo Tires as a brand that enhances the performance of cars while also being a part of the daily life of people everywhere. The segment near the end where the two cars do donut turns in the dramatic light of a setting sun is meant to convey the splendor and joy of life,” said the company as a way of explaining why they took a day (or more) off from day to day activities to indulge in some high-speed drifting frenzy. We’re inclined to side with them and agree just to make sure they will do another stunt like this next year (they started the bonanza last year, so we could have a trilogy in 2017).