A new video uploaded onto YouTube is showing a short review of the i-Road Concept, signed by Toyota.

If you thought that the Renault Twizy is the only small city car worth mentioning, think again, because Toyota is planning on introducing a production version of the i-Road. The model in question is believed to be introduced sometimes in the next couple of years and, in its final production variant, it shouldn’t be that different compared to the concept.

The Toyota i-Road Concept is instantly recognizable thanks to its compact body and three-wheel layout and it has a distinctive tilting design which should combine the “convenience of a motorcycle with the comfort and stability of a car”. The vehicle is currently being considered for the assembly line but a final decision hasn’t been made, officially speaking.

Toyota has officially pulled the wraps off the i-Road concept a couple of years ago, during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, and since then it has been brought to several automotive events across the globe. The small city car is taking its power from two electric motors, each fitted on a front wheel, which are connected to the lithium-ion battery. The concept car can reach a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) and it has a total range of 48 km (30 miles). The i-Road is weighing 300 kg and it has 2,350 mm in length, 1,145 mm in height and it is riding on a wheelbase of 1,700 mm.


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