A tribute video to Jeremy Clarkson has been released by Toyota after he was sacked from Top Gear.

Top Gear may have an old format and it may be showing the same old jokes, same car reviews and the three presenters may get older and older with each passing season but that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking fans. In fact this remains the world’s biggest car show and chances are it may come to an end soon, after Jeremy Clarkson was sacked. In order to pay its tribute to the Top Gear host, Toyota has released a video in which the best moments with Clarkson driving one of the company’s cars are being presented.

The automaker and most Top Gear fans are acting like someone just died but you should know that, as James May said, the show has existed long before them and it will probably exist after them too. Clarkson’s contract will expire next month and it won’t be renewed. This decision has been taken by the Top Gear general director, Tony Hall, after meeting with Clarkson and with Oisin Tymon, the Top Gear assistant produced who was involved in the incident. The future of the car show is uncertain at this point because May’s and Hammond’s contracts will also expire next month and rumor has it that they refused to film the studio parts for Season 22 without Clarkson. If the show will get a new format and new presenters, hopefully Chris Harris will be one of them, so consider this, please, BBC.


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