[Video] Toyota’s Hydrogen truck goes drag racing image

When in America do as Americans do seems to be the credo of the Toyota Portal Project Concept heavy truck, which has decided to show off its fuel cell credentials in a classic drag race against a Class 8 diesel.

As Tesla has constantly showed off in its family-oriented luxury sedan that is actually the quickest four-door production car in the world, driving an electric vehicle doesn’t need to be boring like riding the trolley bus. This is because the powertrain usually features a single-speed, fixed-gear transmission that delivers promptly to the wheels the instant torque of an electric motor. Knowing that you can imagine the Toyota Project Portal fuel cell semi vaporized (we can’t say smoked since it only emits water) a standard, Class 8 diesel semi in a drag race.

By the way – this is the only example they built and the concept will actually go into service at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles in California this summer. The Project Portal semi gets the electric power from two fuel cell stacks snatched from two Mirais, offering in this application “more than 670 horsepower and 1325 pound feet of torque.” Toyota is going to face competition in this field – Nikola Motors has a competitor, on hydrogen, on the way and so does Tesla, with battery power.