[Video] Trailer for Ken Block’s Climbkhana shows us why he upgraded the bespoke Mustang image

When the Gymkhana series star presented the upgraded Mustang 400 hp – he also promised to shed light on its upcoming project involving the car sooner than later.

That time is now as their partner – Toyo Tires – has released a trailer announcing the upcoming Climbkhana project – which apparently ditches the usual urban surround for a quick run up the Pikes Peak. It won’t be about the best time like in the annual hill climb, though, because Block spices up things with his proprietary stunts – such as running donuts in the center of the road. “I’ve long wanted to extend Gymkhana beyond the backdrops it has been living in. As a rally-driver, I have always wanted to mix what I do in the films with stage roads,” Block said in the announcement.


Block’s ride choice is the new biturbo Hoonicorn – the same bespoke all-wheel-drive vehicle that still has some classic Ford Mustang DNA, but with the new forced induction system for the 6.7-liter V8 pushing power beyond belief – to 1,400 horsepower (1,043 kilowatts). Running on methanol now, it has been seriously upgraded from the 845 hp the engine produced when naturally aspirated. While we did get two Gymkhana installments this year – in Dubai in March and Buffalo, New York in September, we’ll sadly have to wait until sometime next summer, when the Climbkhana video gets the official release.