A gas tanker truck has been recently caught on camera while drifting on an open road.

Drifting is usually made by professional drivers on closed tracks, in competitions or in a worst case scenario in your grocery store parking lot, late at night, when nobody is around except for you and a couple of friends. But what happens in this video below is way beyond most people’s imagination, even ours, and the driver of the gas tanker was close to a tragedy which would have definitely ended up on TV, but thankfully, nobody was hurt, until now, but who knows where this driver might take his truck next.

As you can see from the video posted below this article, the driver of a gas tanker truck is drifting his vehicle on an open road, while probably his friends in a car behind him are filming his action. With every turn of the wheel you have the impression that that was it and natural selection has come, but besides being incredibly… the driver is also lucky, very lucky. We don’t have any details on this video and YouTube has helped us once again in finding strange news to present. If you know anything about this driver, feel free to post a comment below, if not, please, don’t enjoy it!


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