[Video] Turbo supercar skirmish pits Ferrari 488 GTB against Porsche 922 Turbo S image

The German automaker has been battling the Italian supercar maker since they delivered the 959 – and even though the latter don’t admit it, the rivaling case is very compelling.

Today in the age of downsizing, the brands are even closer than before since both the 488 GTB and the 911 use turbocharging. And the Porsche 911 Turbo S has been using turbocharging for a long time now, rising through the ranks to the state of rivaling established supercars, such as the McLaren 650S. Now Ferrari is also in for the turbo ride, after delivering the California T and the 488 GTB. So, there’s no chance in hell people won’t pit the 458 successor with the 911 Turbo. While Porsche does deliver the famous GT3 model, the 911 Turbo still remains the ride choice when trying to build a compelling every-day use case for the supercar on the driveway.

On the other side, the 488 GTB is counted as a brand new model by the Italian automaker, with just the roof coming over from the 458. The major difference between the two is of course the engine. It now has a twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 instead of a passionate 4.5 liter – maybe the animal has been tamed, but performance has actually been enhanced, and quite a lot. Jump after the break to see the conclusions of this comparison – but do remember that after all if you had the money to afford them your choice would be made with the heart, not the mind, nine times out of ten.

Via Auto Express