[Video] Twelve Mercedes SUVs do timeless travel of Britain without public roads image

Of course heading the column was the traditional iconic Mercedes off-roader – the G Class, which of course knows all the tricks in the book so there’s no need to teach it anything new.

Mercedes-Benz chose it as the leader of the team consisting of 12 SUVs fitted with the company’s proprietary 4Matic all-wheel drive system. 8 out of the 12 vehicles were actually belonging to the timeless class – the rest where more luxurious GLE and GLS models. The idea was simple – traverse the United Kingdom without relying on any public road. The dozen of four-wheel-drive SUVs actually had a small journey ahead of them – just 65 miles across the Scottish Highlands. The local division performed the task with all vehicles in road legal form without any additions and just fitted with road-legal mud tires, as well with eliminated mud steps.


The SUV trio of course proved up to the task – led by the senior, the G Class introduced back in 1979, who was also the most capable thanks to its low-range gearbox and three fully lockable differentials. The other two are part of the facelifted pack – formerly known as the M Class and GL Class. These two will of course get a new generation soon that will establish them firmly with the new denominations.