[Video] UK: anyone can win a free Honda Civic Type R image

Thanks to the “King of the Hell” competition taking place in the United Kingdom, British residents will have the chance to win for free the all-new Honda Civic Type R – and without all the “sell your soul” procedure.

You’re hearing this right, one lucky UK citizen will get to take home for free the 300+hp monster – Honda is going to organize a series of events where a state-of-the-art racing simulator will actually determine who gets to be the fastest civilian in the UK, taking home the keys of the fastest front-wheel drive car in the world in the process. If you take the time to watch the teaser clip for the “King of the Hell” event you’ll also see how the magnificent Civic creature will scare off in the night some bunnies and other dwellers. The events are scheduled to begin on July 17 in London and will travel alongside an itinerary through Britain from Plymouth to Edinburgh until October. Naturally, we imagine the road trip will be highly coveted, since Honda is almost a British-based manufacturer when it comes to European production – the Civic Type R itself being built in Swindon.

As a reminder, the front-wheel drive car is able to negotiate the oughest circuit in America in 7 minutes and 50 seconds thanks to the 2-liter VTEC engine that now has 310 horsepower. The 0 to 62 mph run is taken care of in 5.7 seconds and torque steer is being tamed by a special front axle strut able to lower it by 55 percent, helped by the limited slip differential and extra-wide tires.