[VIDEO] UN tank crashed in Lebanon image

Curious cameras or probably even a TV crew managed to capture a unique footage of a tank belonging to the United Nations troops which crashed in Lebanon after trying to “park” it on a trailer, but we have to tell you that it isn’t an actual tank, but a mobile artillery piece.

Last time we talked about a tank which wasn’t a real tank a weird thing happened in Lithuania, where a local mayor apparently took the problems into his own hands and got behind the wheel in an armored army vehicle and went over a Mercedes-Benz parked on a bicycle lane. If you don’t remember the whole story you can find it here because we have to talk about the video below.

As you can see in the footage shot and shown at the end of this article, the UN troops tried to load the mobile artillery piece onto a trailer but after probably getting too relaxed from doing this a lot of times before, the “impossible” happened and the “tank” felt over on its side.

After doing a quick research on the internet we found out that the troops are belonging to France and Italy and the incident took place in Lebanon. The obvious question would be “what happened to the ones inside the mobile artillery piece?”.

You can watch the video below. Enjoy!