[Video] US automakers share milestone week image

Both Dodge and Ford are having reasons to celebrate this week – marking important steps in the history of US and global automotive prowess.

Dodge, a unit of Chrysler Group LLC and now belonging to the recently merged Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, is celebrating no less than 100 years – yes, it’s been a century – since they introduced their first car.

Brothers John and Horace Dodge first started out their business adventure by designing bicycles in 1896, with the first batch manufactured a year later in Windsor. Not satisfied with that and striving for more, they took their technical skills to the next level and started making automotive parts for Ford in a new “shop” – a manufacturing plant in Hamtramck.

Well, even that wasn’t enough, so in 2014 – hence the century milestone – they took on the task to create their very first own car, which was nicknamed “Old Betsy.” The rest is history, as the Dodge operations were acquired by Chrysler in 1928, with the brand now set up as the performance arm of the US automaker – although CEO Sergio Marchionne seems to be ready to lower the scale of the Dodge brand in favor of the Chrysler namesake.

On the other hand, cross-town rival Ford, has its own reason to celebrate this week, as it marks with a great time-lapse video no less than 111 years since the automaker was incorporated. The video shows off 24 hours in the life of the car company’s global operations.