Ok, this is one of those videos in which cars get hit by the train. Yep, you’ve seen hundreds, maybe thousands sitting on the Internet and you might say if you saw one you’ve seen them all.

But the usual scenario – car gets pulverized by train – s is not a go here. The facts first. Nobody was hurt – and while you are wondering why people still get hit by the blunt object of metal that has a mass of hundreds of tones we can say this happens on a rather regular basis. Since we got that of the way, let’s talk about the story here. This video from a YouTube channel shows the accident taking place early Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida and implicating a Honda Civic Coupe and a freight train. The car itself somehow happened to get stuck on the tracks and the owner ditched the vehicle just seconds before the impact.

The action was caught on camera by Aaron Fechter, an inventor that was tinkering in his warehouse around 3 a.m. – he took the footage because he knows that cars get regularly stuck there – about half a dozen times in the past two decades. “I looked outside, and I saw two guys in the car trying to get the car off the tracks, and a whole lot of people gathering around and helping them,” he commented for the Orlando Sentinel. “I heard the train whistle blowing, and I knew what was going to happen.” What’s more amazing is that afterwards the car was still running, with the occupants taking it nearby to get it out of the way.

Via JukinVideo


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