[VIDEO] Vin Diesel can’t drive! image

We’ve all seen movies like the Fast and the Furious, the Chronicles of Riddick or the Pacifier, but we are mostly interested in cars so we don’t really care about anything but the Fast and the Furious series in this case, where Vin Diesel had the main role and was driving under trucks and flying with cars off cliffs. But who ever knew that the Hollywood star can’t drive?

Mr. Bad-Ass himself was caught by cameras while trying to get his big SUV out of a parking space and even with some help he couldn’t get out. In fact, judging by the video, he is still probably there and just about to order a cab. Tough luck for the sixth movie from the Fast and the Furious series that’s scheduled to hit the big screens next year or the year after that.

Here’s a tip, Vin, get a Fiat 500, but not the Abarth because that’s really fast and you don’t want to end up on top of a tree! Now get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!

  • Anonymous

    Hearing the commentator's voice made me want to buy a gun.