Oh Dodge, where art’ though when Vin Diesel isn’t around to lend his amazing voice and great acting composure (we’re only semi-ironical, we love Vin!) to support your sales?

Fear not, because Vin Diesel is answering the call from the automaker every time – as he’s a winner and a fearless man, one that doesn’t get spooked even when confronted with a Demon. It’s of course the halo car from the American brand – as Vin Diesel’s stately dramatic acting abilities have once again called to action for the latest ad featuring the new Challenger Demon, fashionably entitled “Winning’s Winning.” This is a new spot with Diesel, who previously leased his entire self – not just the voice for “I am Groot” – for the three “Brotherhood of Muscle” spots, which showcased the Challenger, Charger, and Durango SRT.

The spot is quite straightforward – there’s a race, and there are also other Dodges involved besides the drag-beast Demon, namely the Charger and Challenger. Of course, Diesel drives the Demon across the finish line, with the supercharged engine spooling in the background and the tagline, “Domestic. Not Domesticated.” And yes, we think the 840-horsepower (626-kilowatt) muscle car and Diesel are a good association, as both come with epic proportions – again, we’re only half joking.


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