Volkswagen has recently released a new commercial video which will air this weekend during the Super Bowl, and the ad has been named “The Dog Strikes Back”.

As you can see from the video posted below, this is probably the most interesting commercial ever to promote a Volkswagen model, and the accent is being put on “weight loss”, transferring from our main star of the video, the dog, to the promoted German model, the new Beetle. The video starts with an over-weight dog, who can’t fit through its small door in order to run after the car he likes, the 2012 VW Beetle, and after our “star” is “working out” and refusing to eat that much, he eventually sees its dream come true.

According to the German based automaker, the spot which will air this weekend during the Super Bowl will be a 60-second version of this video, which is 76 seconds, and besides the part named “The Dog Strikes Back”, the car manufacturer is also going through a 2011 ad, named “The Force”, which is including a Star Wars ending. Good job in making the first part of commercial which is close to becoming my favorite ad. You can watch the video below. Enjoy!


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