[VIDEO] Volkswagen eT! is hitting the road image

After being officially presented earlier this month, the eT! is once again placed into the spotlights by its German based automaker Volkswagen which has recently released a video where the concept is playing the main role.

According to the car manufacturer, the Volkswagen eT! is the future of commercial vehicles and besides having a weird design and an even weirder name, the concept car is a fully functional vehicle, a fact proven by Volkswagen with releasing a new video. The VW eT! has been created together with Deutsche Post and the University of Art at Braunschwieg and it can be operated with a joystick.

“As a vision of the future, the eT! is showcasing what the maximum feasible technology for electric vehicles in the commercial market today with a special design that systematically addresses future customer needs”, said the head of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber.

The Volkswagen eT! is inspired by the Bulli concept presented by the Germans earlier this year at the Geneva Auto Show and it measures 4.09 meters long. The van is powered by an electric motor but the automaker didn’t say anything about its performance. All we know is that the eT! has a total range of 110 km. The concept is also coming with the “Follow me” or “Come to me” technologies, where the first one can make the vehicle follow the delivery person from house to house and the second one can return to the delivery person on command, driverless.