[VIDEO] Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan – new review image

CarBuyer has recently posted a new review with the Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan in which it is trying to answer some practical questions.

If you are a family man / woman looking to buy a new MPV and the Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan is one of your choices, than you have come to the right place as the model in question is being reviewed by CarBuyer. Mat Watson, the reviewer, is saying that the cargo capacity of the model is inferior to many of the rival, there is excessive tire roar and the side mirrors are slightly small, so these are the basic conclusions of the test drive.

The Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan is the official replacement of the Golf Plus. The model is riding on the same MQB platform as the Golf (and other models) and it is longer and taller than its predecessor. The vehicle has received some gizmos such as the Google Street View, Google Earth, lane keeping assist, blind spot monitor, front impact collision and so on. The engine lineup includes petrol burners ranging between 85 HP and 150 HP and diesel units with 110 HP and 150 HP. Scroll down and click the play button in order to see the newest test drive with the model.