[Video] Volkswagen is pretty proud of the Atlas, we think it’s worth a shot image

As it premiered in front of the worldwide audience at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Volkswagen also released online new details about its latest model – the Atlas SUV.

Arguably, the success of the new seven seater crossover is a make it or break it situation for Volkswagen in America – where everyone knows it wasn’t doing so well in terms of sales even before the Dieselgate scandal. The company says the midsize SUV’s design alone took two years of work for completion – and we can ironically say it’s because designers at VAG are pretty much used to just updating bits and pieces of models and calling them brand new. Now the Atlas was something new to begin with, so they used lines from the most recent concepts (mainly CrossBlue) – but still had to work just as much as any real designer.


VW has also set up a web series explaining the models’ origins, which has now reached its second episode that talks about the SUV’s design coming to life in relation to the way Americans treat their cars nowadays. Klaus Bischoff, Head of Volkswagen Design, says at the beginning the model was too European and also smaller – but in the US “size does matter, especially for families,” so they went back to the drawing board. The design is family friendly – inside and out – with minimal switchgear and a functional layout with a high-tech look. VW even claims the rearmost seats are comparable to the second row ones, as the Atlas uses the biggest iteration to date of the flexible MQB architecture.