[VIDEO] Volkswagen Jetta commercial released image

The German based automaker Volkswagen has recently released its new commercial video for the 2012 Jetta, choosing a unique way to promote its vehicle by mocking bikers.

As you can see in the video below, the Volkswagen Jetta has been presented as a good alternative to riding a bike, highlighting the fact that a motorcycle can be uncomfortable and dangerous. The two bikers who are playing the main role in the latest Jetta commercial eventually chose the German car instead of their two-wheels and rather than being mocked by other bikers on the road, they are respected. So remember kids, if you want bikers to respect you, buy a Volkswagen! Or at least that’s what the German based automaker says.

According to Volkswagen, the new Jetta generation is being offered in three trim levels, the Jetta S, which is powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine, developing a total output of 115 horsepower with a price set at 16.495 USD, the Jetta SE mid-level, priced at 18.195 USD, with its 2.5 liter engine generating 170 horsepower and the top-of-the-line Jetta SEL, equipped with the same engine as the SE and priced at 21.395 USD.

The new Volkswagen Jetta has received a five-star rating at the Euro NCAP tests and the model was also investigated by the NHTSA earlier this year after the manufacturer received several complaints about a fuel line leak. You can watch the new Volkswagen Jetta commercial video below. Enjoy!