[Video] Volvo taps into the fan base of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and adds an epic Hans Zimmer score image

Whether or not you’re a football fan the latest Volvo ad for the V90 large wagon is a thing to be enjoyed – if only for the epic score signed by legendary film composer Hans Zimmer.

Ibrahimovic is an international star that transcends the sport he plays – and his connection with Volvo can be traced back to 2014 when he did a frozen ad for the XC70, for example. But in relation to Ibrahimovic’s country, the Swedes from Volvo did chose him for a fact – the ability and determination to be among the very best. The automaker itself is trying to remain true to its core beliefs – safety and innovation, combined with that Scandinavian luxury – while reinventing themselves. The XC90, S90 and V90 models are a statement about doing the things their way and still getting them right.

Dubbed “Prologue”, the ad follows the striker of Paris Saint-Germain (there are persistent rumors he will head towards Manchester United next) taking a look back to his humble beginnings and the road towards full stardom. Just like me, Volvo have gone their own way and dared to think differently. The previous campaign we did was good, but this time it’s Made by Zlatan,” commented the footballer. And the images are flawlessly in tune with the music from Hans Zimmer – for anyone who doesn’t know who he is (Gladiator anyone?!), the composer is an Academy Award-winning artist.