[Video] Volvo teases XC40 storage space large enough for tablet and laptop image

The Swedish automaker is introducing its new 40 Series with the help of its first-ever compact crossover, the XC40 – but even with smaller dimensions they’re still offering a high level of practicality.

The automaker even boasts a huge ambition – to declare an end to a daily driver problem, “lack of suitable and functional storage space inside their car.” As part of the development process, Volvo’s latest teaser explains their customer research team took countless hours to understand how urban dwellers from around the world spend their time in the car on a daily basis, but more importantly how they store stuff in the car. Volvo has actually decided to ditch the door speakers in order to accommodate larger storage pockets able to hold more voluminous items – for example a laptop and a tablet, or two bottles of water.

XC40 teaser - Space & Storage

Volvo’s first-ever compact crossover is also set to become the world’s first ever vehicle featuring an air-ventilated, dashboard-mounted subwoofer. There are also special zones for coins, cards, and charging cables, along with a space to wirelessly charge your smartphone. Volvo is even looking to make the glove compartment a bit more usable – there’s a small fold-away hook in there, able to secure shopping bags. The front seats feature miscellaneous small item storage spaces, the area of the central armrest is large enough for a tissue box and even waste can be secured and discarded easily – via a removable bin. Inside the trunk, along with a fold-up trunk divider with two hooks there’s also a private locking storage compartment for precious items hiding under the load floor.