[Video] Volvo Trucks really love adrenaline and cooks another crazy stunt image

The Swedish commercial vehicle producer knows well semi trucks are not as interesting to the general public as supercars – but showcase them in an adrenaline-filled film and everyone will be talking about them.

We already know they’re capable of great stunts, and the latest is called “The Flying Passenger,” which is exactly what you imagine – yes, a paraglider is attached to the back of the truck. The FH rig with its 540-horsepower D13 engine and I-Shift Dual Clutch gearbox has a paraglider on tow while climbing the Dinaric Alps in Croatia, and the stunt also involves a bridge… and a tunnel. The main idea is to showcase how the drivetrain can have a high cruising speed while climbing the mountain, but of course the main attention grabber is paraglider Guillaume Galvani.


While we’re certainly not going to try this at home, at times it looks like a fun way of spending some of your quality time – that is until the parachute takes him skidding his shoes across the pavement. There’s no room for mistakes once the semi enters the tunnel – or when crossing below a bridge. Yes, ‘The Epic Split’ with Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the trademark split between two backward moving semis remains just as entertaining. Or you can have a laughter in “Look Who’s Driving” where a dump truck gets remote controlled by a four year old.