[VIDEO] Volvo V40 Autonomous Parking Concept shown image

The Swedish based automaker Volvo has recently pulled the wraps off its latest creation, the V40 Autonomous Parking Concept, which can park itself without the need of a driver.

Volvo has always been very innovative in terms of safety and considering the fact that the future is already here when talking some of the newest technology, the Swedish based automaker has decided to reveal its latest creation. The model in question is based on the V40 premium hatchback and it’s also wearing the Autonomous Parking Concept name. The vehicle is allowing its drivers to arrive at a car park, exit the vehicle and the model will park itself through a smarthphone app.

The Volvo V40 Autonomous Parking Concept will use a lot of sensors in order to find out where an available parking space is and it will squeeze itself, without the need of a driver, into that space, while carefully avoiding other vehicles and pedestrians. Volvo says that the V40 Autonomous Parking Concept is just one of several projects on which the company is working for. You can find out more about this system, and also watch the V40 model park itself, in the videos posted below.