The car wasn’t in autonomous mode though – because the person shooting the photo collection was actually three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and artist Barbara Davidson.

The Swedish automaker is bringing us another world’s first in the category of things we didn’t know we need – the world’s first collection of photographs created using the on-board safety camera of the vehicle. This effectively turned the XC60 into a literal camera car (the vehicles do have such use for movie making, but with extensive modifications and additions) – used by Davidson to capture the magic on the streets of the Danish capital Copenhagen as she sought “a completely fresh perspective” and only had at her disposal the safety camera of a XC60.


Her new collection is even on display at Canvas Studios gallery in London’s Shoreditch for the week and will start a world tour. “When I was first contacted about the project and invited to collaborate with Volvo, I didn’t completely understand the concept myself,” Davidson admits. “Until I was sent some video and I saw it – and it’s incredible that you can pull images off a video clip from a car’s safety camera.” Davidson decided to join because of her personal history – a serious accident in her teens, when she survived because she had been in a Volvo. The new XC60 has a windshield-mounted camera to lend assistance to different safety systems, including the City Safety with the new Steer Assist.


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