[Video] Volvo’s autonomous garbage truck is doing some work alone image

While Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks have nothing to do with each other nowadays, there are certain fields where they share common thoughts – such as the autonomous segment.

We do have a feeling the premium models from the Geely subsidiary would like to have nothing to do with this exact Volvo Trucks model – because we’re dealing here with a Refuse – a garbage truck. Though it’s now your ordinary run of the mill garbage truck – because Refuse is an autonomous truck. Volvo Trucks is working with Swedish waste management company Renova to put into the testing field this semi-autonomous garbage truck. The idea behind the concept is to have truck first time handled manually as the cameras map the route of a new area, with all sensors and GPS also working together. Next time it’s in the same area, it will know the route by hard.

[Video] Volvo’s autonomous garbage truck is doing some work alone 1

With the semi-autonomous driving system activated, the driver can simply get out of the cabin and push a button mounted on the truck’s side to let it back up autonomously to the next trash can. This should enhance productivity – the driver won’t hop up and down for every trash bin – as well as safety, especially when maneuvering such a large vehicle on a tight and crowded street. It should also help improve fuel consumption, as the smart system will optimize gear changes, speed, and steering.