[Video] Volvo’s smallest coupe… is for kids image

The Swedish automaker managed to catch our attention with this smart new advertisement – promising a new small coupe, that is until we realized we’re not going to be the ones doing the driving.

Instead this is for our kids. Which is still fine. Though the kids in us were secretly hoping for a new two-door Volvo that would act as a successor to the C30 – or maybe even better, rebirth the legend that was the P1800. But given that the world is full of small scale Mustang, Escalade, Mercedes-AMG and even Rolls Royce “no driving license required” cars, we’re pretty happy Volvo is going down that route as well.

[Video] Volvo’s smallest coupe... is for kids 8

For just $176, you can get your future tame racing driver on the Volvo Rider Concept XC Coupe. This all-new single-seater from Sweden is powered… by legs – those of your 1-3 year-old child, which of course is powered by everything around him (and especially the contents of the meals you give him or her!). This Volvo is as safe as any other – front (Thor’s hammer is also present) and rear lights that automatically power off after 10 minutes, and operational horn for your tiny driver to constantly tell you where he is. Acceleration and top speed are unimportant, alongside the speedometer decal indicating a fixed 120 kilometers per hour which can only be read by concerned moms. You might as well switch from the XC Coupe Silver to the strongly popular Crash Test orange, with “authentic crash test markings” – after all, accidents are regular at the age.