[Video] VW Arteon ad features blind photographer stunt image

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are cases when eyesight isn’t needed to deliver interesting things – and we’ll give the VW guys appreciation for the idea.

The company decided to enlist the help of blind American photographer Pete Eckert and offered him the chance to shoot the new Arteon fastback. This is Eckert’s very first automobile project – and it’s quite remarkable, and comes to prove again the will and power of the human being in the face of adversity. By the way, he used an analog camera in total darkness. With long exposure times and double exposures, the artist delivered interesting effects – so-called “light paintings” after feeling and tapping the Arteon’s body to get a sense of the subject. The Arteon is undeniably one of the few good-looking VW cars – on the outside at least.

[Video] VW Arteon ad features blind photographer stunt 5

The flagship won’t fool anyone – it’s based on the Passat and that shows inside – but at least passengers benefit from the longer wheelbase and the hatchback/liftback form is more practical than on a regular sedan. VW is looking to bring a six-cylinder engine inside the Arteon for the American market – where it will arrive sometime in 2018 as a proposition over the very old US-Spec Passat.