[Video] VW Golf GTI Clubsport S returns to Nurburgring to… beat itself image

Many of us will never have the chance to even come close to lapping a record time on the Nurburgring – and others do that and still declare themselves unsatisfied.

That may very well be the case with Volkswagen’s engineers and pilots – because while the company set a new record earlier this year, nailing the best time for a production front-wheel-drive car – they decided fast is not fast enough. So in October they went back to the Green Hell for another attempt at… beating their when they nailed a lap run of 7 minutes and 49.21 seconds. Six months later, they returned on October 26 for some perfect 8°C (46°F) conditions, which VW said were the right ones to have car’s engine and tires at their very best.

This time is among the top notch – it can even outdo a 7:58 lap done by the BMW M2, while one of the appropriate contenders in its own category – the Honda Civic Type R, took home a run of 7 minutes and 50.63 seconds. The S is an enhancement of the 265-horsepower GTI Clubsport, only lighter and with even more power. The 2.0-liter turbo-four engine is slapped to 310 hp, the back seats have been ditched, a lighter battery installed and an aluminum front subframe comes almost into contact with the lightweight race seats up front.