[VIDEO] VW Polo R WRC is racing a skier downhill image

Volkswagen has released a new video with the Polo R WRC in which the racing car is put against a skiing gold medalist downhill.

Top Gear may not be around in the same formula, bringing their impressive races between men and machines, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy these anymore as Volkswagen has recently released one. The clip posted below is showing the Polo R WRC against a skiing gold medalists, in a small race, and the second part of the clip is revealing the rally car driven fast, so don’t forget to plug in your headphones and turn up the volume before scrolling down and clicking the play button.

Volkswagen says that the video has been filmed on the Lyseveien road, in Noway, and it has Andreas Mikkelsen behind the wheel, tacking the famous road with 27 hairpins and a course of 29 km. The Volkswagen Polo R WRC has been unveiled a couple of years ago, after 17 months of development and approximately 20,000 km of testing. The rally car is weighing 1,200 kg and it has wheel arch extensions, carbon Kevlar doors and a stripped out interior design. The model is 138 mm wider (1,820 mm) than the standard version of the Polo and it is making use of a 1.6 liter four-cylinder TSI engine, producing 300 HP (224 kW), connected to a 6-speed sequential transmission.