[Video] VW shows us how to properly decorate a Christmas tree using the 2015 Polo GTI image

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the necessary time to put on the red sweater, brew a coffee and then decorate next to the fireplace the Christmas tree, Volkswagen has the solution.

It’s not obvious and also includes the necessity of decorating your Christmas tree outside, with lots of room to spare and a level area around it. Wait, what, you don’t have all of those? Sorry, then at least see this crazy video. Volkswagen decided to decorate the tree while laying down burning rubber. It’s been only a day since VW announced the Polo is coming to Great Britain in its most recent GTI iteration – so a proper holiday cheering video is in order. There’s no reason to explain the video – it speaks for itself – though we’re not sure if you do this in your back yard if Santa is not going to put you on the naughty list afterwards.

While raising awareness for the smallish GTI is great, we would have envisioned the same happening next to Santa’s factory at the North Pole and the decorations coming out of the more aggressive GRC Beetle or the Golf R400 concept car. Besides, in the UK the Polo GTI is coming only in March, with the prices starting at 18,850 pounds for the three-door manual, customers wanting the five-door having to add £630 on top. And if you want the DSG you’ll lose another £1,245.